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  1. Only Music 2.7 [2018]

    Hello NemO, Please can you advice? I started collecting OM3(2017) parts. But now we have OM2.7(2018) Which is best to build? I really prefer high wattage amp like 250W and above. Is there any future plans from you please. Thank you, Raj.
  2. Only Music 3 [2017]

    Hello, Can anyone who built this OM3 explain sound quality please? How does it compare to OM 2.5? Thank you for kind reply Raj
  3. Only Music 3 [2017]

    Hello, I just came across this new amp by Nemo. Been using the OM Mk2 for sometime and is very good sound. Please can someone send me PDF(OM3) file for etching. I do not have sprint software. And the free version do not allow to print. How is the sound quality of this amp? Thank you very much Raj
  4. Оплеуха 2.5 [2013]

    Hello Nemo, I tried mailing you but no reply. Please can you advice if OM Mk2 has a high power modification? Like 300W into 8ohm. Please direct me to the correct post. BTW, this amp is really very good for me. But I need high power for better headroom. Thank you, Raj.
  5. Простой Усилитель Мощности

    I match hfe for input BC546B. So DC offset is around 3 to 5mV at both channel.
  6. Простой Усилитель Мощности

    Yes it is VX-80. For different rail voltage, the R19/20 MUST be adjusted. Or else it will not sound good.
  7. Простой Усилитель Мощности

    Thank you Ivan, Testing now. Good sound.
  8. Оплеуха 2.5 [2013]

    Здравствуйте, Я использую Google Translate, чтобы написать здесь. Я преобразовал Mk2 теперь Mk2.5 (2013), как пост № 1. Она очень хорошо поет. У меня нет проблем вообще. Это лучше, взлеты и хорошее присутствие вокала и баса. Я благодарю Nem0 для этого хороший усилитель. Счастливая Пасха для всех. Радж
  9. Оплеуха Микрухам 2 [2011]

    Hello, Raj! 10k log (A-characteristic) No, in the most cases (Soundcards, line outs of CD players, etc) doesn't. And 3 or more times lower - otherwise the log characteristic of regulation will be distorted (may be it's not correct word). So, 10k is the optimum value. GeniusXZ, Thanks for your advice. And other friends, I wish to express that this amp really rocks. To me it is very good so far. Have a good build, Raj.
  10. Оплеуха Микрухам 2 [2011]

    Hello friends, Can anyone please advice me on the input volume control? What is the correct value ( 10K 0r 50K) Or does this amp needs preamp? Please recommend a preamp if needed. Thank you, Raj.
  11. Оплеуха Микрухам 2 [2011]

    Listening test in stereo. Truly incredible sound. It has very good speed and attack. Nice, very nice to listen. Best regards, Raj
  12. Оплеуха Микрухам 2 [2011]

    Yes, I will do that. BTW, I forgot to mention that, the layout I used is absolutely quite. No hiss at all even at full volume. I guess it is the star grounding. Thank you very much.