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Малосигналовая Анализа (small-signal Analysis)

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I am foreigner but I speak a little bit Russian (just a little bit but I think it is beautiful language) so I thought that maybe here you would be able to help me with my preparations to exam on introduction to electronics. I can try to translate my question to Russian if you ask me to do it, but it would take some time for me.

Here there is what I want to solve: http://images38.fotosik.pl/135/35e73fda57d25875.jpg

I found some informations on Q-point stabilization: http://images43.fotosik.pl/139/09ebd31e0c12d268.jpg

And about small-signal analysis: http://images45.fotosik.pl/139/9a75b7c041376cf6.jpg

And finally I tried to draw scheme with substituting transistors to models: http://images49.fotosik.pl/139/c2964a1dbbc28db2.jpg

I want to solve the whole exercise but the most important part for me is small-signal analysis. May you help me with drawing the proper circuit and give some advices so that I can try to finish this exercise?

Thank you very much in advance


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